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by OAKu
27 May 2016, 06:26
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Proving Ground DM Stream + Announcements (5/29 @1700EST)
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Proving Ground DM Stream + Announcements (5/29 @1700EST)

Good Evening Pilots! Get ready to fire up your Eclipses and Talons for a livestream deathmatch event this Sunday at 5:00pm EST! We also have some special announcements regarding UE4 development of SolC so be sure to tune in. Twitch: Join us on our Discord server as we o...
by OAKu
29 Apr 2016, 21:04
Forum: Sol Contingency General Discussion
Topic: Solc irc/discord etc.
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Re: Solc irc/discord etc.

After evaluating options to expand our community with a dedicated chat and VOIP solution we've launched our official Discord server to compliment our Steam Community and other social media.
You can join with this instant invite:
by OAKu
29 Apr 2016, 20:43
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Introducing SolC's Chief of Comms!
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Re: Introducing SolC's Chief of Comms!

Thanks everyone!

Happy to be part of the team. :D :D :D
by OAKu
29 Apr 2016, 20:26
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Official Discord Server
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Official Discord Server

Good day pilots! In the interest of providing a simple venue for us all to organize games we've created a Discord server that we can spam emoji in: Discord essentially combines the features of IRC with a robust VOIP system and low latency codec. As we continue to ...