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by DuderSeb
08 Nov 2015, 22:44
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: Ship Differences
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Re: Ship Differences

That is definitely in the plan for the full game!
by DuderSeb
06 Nov 2015, 15:19
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: Missile Friendly fire
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Re: Missile Friendly fire

So my suggestion is that [...] your own missiles can damage yourself (which is probably better, because it prevents annoying people from essentially sabotaging their own team by shooting missiles at team mates). Fully agree that this is the correct way to handle this issue. Admittedly, team games w...
by DuderSeb
06 Nov 2015, 14:35
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: Running on linux through wine
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Re: Running on linux through wine

Oh wow that's awesome! Thank you so much for the effort and writeups!
by DuderSeb
06 Nov 2015, 14:34
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: [workaround] Kill Screen + Menu
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Re: Kill Screen + Menu

Seems to be draw order issue where the last call goes over top of the rest. In the meantime, a workaround is pressing ESC twice to hide and recall the menu and it will come back properly atop of the scoreboard.
by DuderSeb
06 Nov 2015, 14:31
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: [Fixed] Looks good from the outside
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Re: Looks good from the outside

See, Hawk grew up in a farm and sometimes forgets to lock up after himself :lol: How'd you get out there?!
by DuderSeb
06 Nov 2015, 14:25
Forum: Technical Assistance
Topic: Recording Video and Youtube
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Re: Recording Video and Youtube

You're welcome to!
Just throw us a link at some point so we can see your carnage dealings :D
by DuderSeb
06 Nov 2015, 00:06
Forum: Flight Mechanics, Weapon Balancing & Gameplay
Topic: "Fixing" the Ion Cannon and others ideas
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Re: "Fixing" the Ion Cannon and others ideas

What if the Atlas penetrated through multiple players? hmmm
by DuderSeb
05 Nov 2015, 19:28
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: Jaffer's Suggestion Thread
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Re: Jaffer's Suggestion Thread

Alt+Enter should work as well :)
by DuderSeb
04 Nov 2015, 05:14
Forum: Announcements
Topic: New SolC media!
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Re: New SolC media!

Wow guys thank you so much for all this! We received so many applications that it took 3 of us an afternoon to get through the lot of them! Please keep spreading the word! Sol Contingency is back baby!

Ion, that avatar is sick!