Proving Ground progress report

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Proving Ground progress report

Post by MadMax1998 » 21 Jul 2015, 12:46

Hey everyone,

we've been silent for a while as two of our lead devs were out of town and country for a wedding and to see family, while the rest kept plugging away on finishing up Proving Grounds. We are *dying* to get the final build compiled and ship it out to y'all, but we have also had a few personnel changes that mandate a bit of cleanup. The good news is that anyone who's got time on their hands can spend it on more polishing, so Proving Grounds -- planned as a tech demo initally -- will look and feel a lot more complete by its late release!

Also, there is some talking going on behind the scenes concerning our plan for the full game that is being put in place simultaneously. You might be surprised.

We hope you stick with us even though it seems to take forever. Not long now, and good things coming your (and our) way!

What's happening right now:

1) All input coding is finished -- full support for custom key, mouse and controller/joystick bindings.

2) Map list construction from the UI is almost done.

3) Dedicated server support is coming.

4) The Eclipse ship model is fully animated: you'll see it transform shape based on the selected weapon. Final texturing and polishing in progress.

5) We've got yet another map currently in the works that may make it into the release. It's set in space!

6) Our new head of audio, Cesar Suarez, is finishing all the music for the game -- one track per map. IceBreaker will still feature "Isolation" by Martin Britz as announced before.

7) We are re-evaluating our crowdfunding plan for the full game. A new Facebook page and website need to be set up as well.

Stay tuned for more.

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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by cae2100 » 21 Jul 2015, 18:33

very cool, cant wait! So what date should we expect to see new stuff popping up and such?

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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by 1/2Hawk » 21 Jul 2015, 21:20

When you boot up the game and play it with your friends! It'll be new to you all anyway LOL. We *have* to put a lid on adding any new cool toys and features right now so we can get out of this cycle of testing and tweaking and balancing every time something new is added. That way we can get this out, and you guys can be playing and helping to provide us with feedback on what you like (or don't) while we port over to UE4. Unfortunately, that means not a lot of cool updates and videos to be made right now - however, that will start up again as we start working on the next version. I, for one, want off this @$# UDK platform and want to be putting missiles thru all of you when I need a break from dev'ing ... like yesterday.
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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by Poxy » 21 Jul 2015, 23:27

Is there an estimated number of months left? I sorta want to replace my Windows install with a GNU/Linux distro, but I won't if this game is coming out soon.

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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by Earthshaker » 22 Jul 2015, 15:11

Thanks for the progress report!

Looking forward to the day I can get my grubby internet hands on the PG download. Perhaps this year is the one. :)

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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by Duper » 22 Jul 2015, 21:58

Awesome to hear from you guys!
Haven't given up hope! ;D

Thanks for the update!
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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by Yoshimitsu » 22 Jul 2015, 22:45

We're ready when you are ;)

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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by Cobra6 » 25 Jul 2015, 10:57

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Re: Proving Ground progress report

Post by Springer » 31 Oct 2015, 13:38

Still awaiting!

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