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phpBB and PHP update

Posted: 06 Jun 2019, 20:18
by MadMax1998
Hello fellow pilots,

as you probably noticed, the forum looks brighter these days. Because the PHP version we were running on (5.6) is unsupported as of 2019, my web-hosting provider started charging legacy support fees. I was forced to upgrade the forum to PHP 7.2 and with that, phpBB (the actual forum software) was upgraded as well. Unfortunately the avatars and some attachments did not survive the upgrade as it was kinda messy. But most of the attachments people uploaded over the years should still be here.

You can simply reupload your avatar if you wish or continue using the forum without one. The good news is that we're more secure now -- even though the upgrade was forced on me, it's good we did it.

See ya around

- Max

Re: phpBB and PHP update

Posted: 11 Jun 2019, 02:18
by Yoshimitsu
Ah, so that's why it looks different. We still have the forum though, which is the important thing :)