Sol Contingency--Reimagining?

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Sol Contingency--Reimagining?

Post by SgtThorne » 02 Nov 2014, 01:15

Have you guys been tempted to re-imagine at all, in the wake of the C&D? Obviously a "spiritual successor" to a certain series is the primary goal, but have any other goals come up? Is there something you kind of all agree that you've always wanted to see in a 6-DOF? I'm not wishing to open Pandora's box, or suggest that we/you **** with a good thing, because I think that's certain been done and could be done... Frankly I've been pleasantly surprised that Sol Contingency hasn't done it, and that's the biggest thing that has finally caught my attention on this project (that and the fact that you were actually within an ace of releasing Descent in a modern engine). I can't help but wonder if the goal is just capturing a level of greatness that we experienced, or perhaps--having understood it--taking it to a new level.
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