Post your Descent pilot name

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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by Sirius » 02 Feb 2015, 18:49

Don't think I've played as anything but Sirius for a very, very long time...

In other games, it depends what's taken. If SolC enforces unique pilot names I might have to get in quick...

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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by Urungus » 27 Nov 2015, 03:32

Urungus, always.
We're going to need a bigger boat.

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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by Duper » 28 Nov 2015, 08:28

Duper ..or something as close that. On Origin it's D00p3r. :\

Those that have been around since early Kali, would have known me as Duperman. I ripped it off from a "how to draw" comic that John Byrne did years and years ago after his stint with DC comics and his revamp of Superman. John was the one that invented the idea of a "bio-field" around Superman. ..anyways.. The character he used in his drawing comic was called "Duperman" and I was looking to break into the comic biz way back then You can read it here. I'm glad I never did. Honestly, if someone hollered "Duper" on the street, I would probably recognize it easier than my first name. (I go by my middle name)
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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by Galahad » 02 Dec 2015, 22:42

Mine was Galahad :)

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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by 1/2Hawk » 03 Dec 2015, 00:04

1/2Hawk since the start - but despite the icon, its not related the bird. Married a girl who was deep in the hardcore punk scene (childhood friend of Dave Brockie aka Oderus from GWAR) , and when we got to Boston / M.I.T. she threw me in the plaid bondage pants and combat boots and leather jackets - shaved most my head and sent me off to class. Picked up the nickname from the hair style... I was a very unusual sight on campus compared to the rest of them nerds. Reminds me not to judge a book by its cover, esp now I look nothing like that anymore. You know the style:
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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by Yoshimitsu » 03 Dec 2015, 19:31

I only started playing Descent online this spring but I've gone by Yoshimitsu on every Descent related forum I ever joined (except for Interplay's own forums where I managed to snag MD1032 :P )

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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by metalgunner87 » 04 Dec 2015, 01:35

Metalgunner87 has been my game name ever since Xbox live came out (when ever that was) so this goes way back! i don't have a cool back story to my name like Hawk has, but i have deep roots with metal music when Seb and I used to live near each other in Miami and when came time to create a name, well Metal was easy but halo was in full bloom as the franchise game for Xbox and well Gunner came from that. so there you go, Metalgunner!

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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by Wookie » 11 Mar 2016, 14:48

Wookie - all the way through D1 - to D3

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Re: Post your Descent pilot name

Post by 1DVD4D2UDK » 25 Mar 2016, 05:18

@uToPL@y and a few others since I was already using it in all the Unreal games.
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