new game from Parallax software founders

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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by Urungus » 11 Mar 2016, 13:30

They did it! Ok guys, your turn!
We're going to need a bigger boat.

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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by Wookie » 11 Mar 2016, 14:44

i am sooooo happy for them and us!

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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by SgtThorne » 11 Mar 2016, 15:53

Really happy this one made it. :) Let there be OVERLOAD!

Great to see you Sol Contingency guys in the live-stream. How cool to have the creators of Descent playing your game!
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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by DuderSeb » 11 Mar 2016, 16:01

It was a real honor :)
We are very happy they made it!
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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by Forboding Angel » 20 Mar 2016, 09:32

I made a first impressions video here:

Me Rikey. Needs more Sol Contingency to give it a run for it's monay :-)

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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by cae2100 » 26 Mar 2016, 03:19

has anyone noticed that now goes to overload's website?

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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by 1DVD4D2UDK » 26 Mar 2016, 05:17

cae2100 wrote:has anyone noticed that now goes to overload's website?
Yeah? What's up with that? You guys decide to join their team or what :?
Or is that just a temporary redirect to give them a boost in their traffic?
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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by Halogene » 30 Mar 2016, 10:46

The recent silence on this board is very awkward, in particular in connection with the redirect on sol contingency's website. I've been mostly silently but closely following this since the first launch of the POC demo, hoping for getting my hands on this sooner or later. With the open beta now having been cancelled apparently, could anyone take the time to enlighten me what is actually going on? I would kindly request a status update on SOLC.

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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by MadMax1998 » 30 Mar 2016, 20:12

There is no redirect on SolC's website. Just make sure you go to and NOT (which is a redirect not controlled by us).
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Re: new game from Parallax software founders

Post by 1/2Hawk » 01 Apr 2016, 22:33

Hey Halogene - we know you're not the only one who feels the way you do. Max put out a statement here on FB and we're meeting up tomorrow to cut some new audio for a podcast announcing release date details and some other exciting news about things happening right here in April. Hopefully that will help set everybody straight.

For the general question about what's going on (which we may not cover with the announcements coming up), here's an inside view. Every night ... value is being added to our game. All of us have real jobs but I can promise that the way we like to blow off a long day at work is to gather up at night around the webcams and sink our attention into moving things forward with Sol C. I know it doesn't look that way outside the team, but its absolutely not the case that we all set this work down for a bit and go off doing anything else besides that.

Last fall, we had PG in a state where it was functional but not tuned - particularly with the weapon systems. So we used that time up thru the holidays to get several different builds out to some beta testers to help give us feedback. That process went very well, and all development after that point was purely based on fan feedback. The reason we stopped beta testing was because we reached a point where many of the opinions started to counterdict each other... Some people wanted X while others wanted the opposite of X. While kinda confusing for us, it seemed like a sign that the major pieces we'd gotten wrong had been righted and everything left to argue over was simply a matter of player preference. Now with the smallest bug list left to fix we've ever had - that puppy is ready to ship out. To you and anybody else who wants to play too.

Where we've been very hung up in the meantime is in deciding how PG can best be used to capture some market value, capture fans, capture interest etc. The main idea was to use any boost we got at release to help fund a KS campaign and that took up quite a bit of planning. The reveal of Overload in our community took us by surprise like everybody else ... It felt wrong to jump straight into a "me too" state, so we decided to throw our support behind those guys just like we did for D:U and for SLZ before them, and be passive while they attempted to raise as much funding as they could. Maybe not smart business strategy, but hopefully its obvious to everybody that we're all 6DOF fans first and a game studio second. Getting a game out requires facing tough choices. Quality vs development time. Funding now or funding later. Make a promise you might not keep or be quiet and leave our fans wondering WTF. An apology for all that would sound thin, but we're at least self aware that we could be doing all of this stuff in a better way, for sure. One thing has become clear - we can't capture jack shit if nobody is playing our game - so that's what we're going to fix asap.

The one piece that may seem like flawed logic is - okay so the game was in good shape at Christmas and now its April ... what gives? That space in time behind the scenes, which we haven't dropped on you guys one bit, has been spent in UE4. A majority of what we have in PG is already in the new engine. It already looks fantastic thanks to new tech in the material shaders, lighting and particle systems in particular. Much of the work we've been doing has been around upscaling our textures to support PBR. We have VR enabled. The player sits in a cockpit with a fully animated pilot who responds to player input flying with both hands and even the feet... its incredibly immersive that way. We have enemies flying around and shooting back - one in particular with a very cool mechanic not yet seen in any similar game. The bots can pathfind around our maps now without the use of nav meshes - which was a major technical hurdle tbh.

It's also not perfect or ready to show just yet either. We cant bring our code over - UnrealScript is not compatible with UE4. We can't bring our HUD system over - Flash is now replaced with UMG. We cant bring our maps over - those have to be remade by hand. The flying itself isnt dialed in - all the good work Max did to make this happen in UDK (which had no true flight system ... all the Unreal flying vehicles like the Cicada floated over the surface on really long invisible shocks so to speak) now fights with the new movement mechanics in UE4 today. Even the input system is handled differently - shoot one missile right now and all 16 dumbfires come out LOL.

So for everybody worried that Sol C is dead - let me say that it is definitely not. We don't wish to show off things that are 10% working and we have been pushing really hard to get things in a state that anything we show can be used for KS or Steam Greenlight or whatever else. But I think its also true that if you saw the progress we have made already, one testicle would fall out of each of your pant legs. You guys have all been incredibly supportive and vocal and patient with us and for that you have our sincere thanks ... its why we are still here three years into it working every night and not making a penny of it.

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