Poxy's Controversial, Absolute Madness Suggestion Thread

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Re: Poxy's Controversial, Absolute Madness Suggestion Thread

Postby NUMBERZero » 17 Nov 2015, 16:51

metalgunner87 wrote:D:U's already "infamous" SOMEONE IS CHARGING!

I now know what to make as this game's first audio taunt.
*fires up Audacity and enables Stereo Mix*
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Re: Poxy's Controversial, Absolute Madness Suggestion Thread

Postby InVader » 03 Dec 2015, 13:14

Wookie wrote:adressing doors and stuff:
these things "stand out" too much

THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD! Good sense of direction and easy navigation is key!

You can't even begin to imagine how disoriented most people get from 6DOF games. Sure, we don't mind, we are used to it, but there are people who used to check the automap in descent at the end of every corridor. Putting supper obvious signs everywhere and making every room have a very unique look is very important.
Wookie wrote:its a small bump but it can stop your ship

Yes, there are a couple of areas where the ship gets stuck easily. Mostly around pipes and stuff like that. Some invisible walls or edited collision models might be needed.

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