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Re: Automap?

Post by InVader » 10 Nov 2015, 20:49

1/2Hawk wrote:Yeah - backface culling can also make it hard to tell whats going on cuz you only see two walls of a tunnel that way. I played around with wireframe meshes at one point too but those are so cluttered you cant see the layout itself. I think the best thing is hand crafting an entirely alternate mesh that's representative of the main features of the map without a ton of detail - then use a mostly transparent material with a strong wireframe outline. Maybe break it into rooms and halls and keep track of which areas you've been inside of for the visibility part of it. IDK. Guaranteed not something we can do in PG because we have the same old problem of where to render it (would have to be Flash based).
Well, Sublevel Zero solved it with backface culling alone alone, yet it is so clear. If we take a closer look, we can see that doors are the only things that have a 2 sided face and textures. For everything else the color textures are disabled altogether. The wall faces have just a solid color + smart lighting effects. Entirely separate rooms often use a different color for the walls. Also note how all the walls are flat shaded!

One important thing to note is that Sublevel Zero uses procedural generated maps - the rooms and corridors all have a pre-set representation in the automap. It would be slightly time consuming to do this for SolC, because (I assume) the levels won't be modular (then again, copying the BSP map and playing around with wall colors shouldn't be hard).

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