pbau5's Suggestion Thread

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pbau5's Suggestion Thread

Post by pbau5 » 06 Nov 2015, 06:21

Woohoo! I had a ball finally getting to play this.

Overall impression:
- Wow.
- Excellent.
- Still shell shocked.

- Auto-orient to nearest 90 degree button? After an intense bout of maneuvering between rooms amidst a firefight, it would be great to be able to quickly auto-orient.
- Kill assists? Ships have pretty high HP, and I drained a lot of shields and hulls only to have someone else swoop in for the kill.
- Hit markers of some sort? I found my fire to sometimes get lost in everyone else's. I've seen others suggest less projectile effects. Maybe a bit of both?
- A way to bring up the scoreboard. Or does the maybe already exist? I find my finger reaching for TAB after every kill.

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Re: pbau5's Suggestion Thread

Post by toon_ninja » 06 Nov 2015, 10:03

1 - Auto orientate - CMD [WALK]
2 - KA - How many hits to you need to land an assist? As soon as they heal, do you still get an assist if someone nukes them? Personally I think a KA counter would only work for the second last hit. And when you have high fire rate weapons this becomes moot.
3 - Again this is a debug option for projectile effects. I think what you might want to try is turning off the bloom in the graphics option and seeing how you hits go from there. When we have a full game up and running I really cant see a need for hit markers.
4 - Isnt the score board a constant in the top right corner?
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Re: pbau5's Suggestion Thread

Post by pbau5 » 29 Nov 2015, 18:57

Sorry it's been so long!

1 - I don't know what the CMD key is :? I also don't see this functionality anywhere in the key binding options.
2 - Ya that's a tough one. Maybe if player A's last hit brought B's health down to X, and then C kills them, B would get a bonus. I'm not super sure how that should work exactly.
3 - Much better!
4 - It is, but in almost all other multiplayer games, I find myself opening the full scoreboard just to see how I stand up to everyone else.

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Re: pbau5's Suggestion Thread

Post by Urungus » 29 Nov 2015, 22:21

2) Would be fine for team games I would think. This is used in Team Fortress 2. More than 25% damage?
3) This could be a difficulty setting. Server side option. Having one person who likes them on and one who turns them off client side adds an advantage.
Personally, I like them on. Adds to the mayhem. =)
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Re: pbau5's Suggestion Thread

Post by InVader » 30 Nov 2015, 14:37

As long as auto-orienting is not done like in Descent 3, I'm fine with it. In D3 it oriented you according to the world "up" vector. So when you were looking down because the corridor went that way, it rotated your ship to face the wall. Jeebus, that was annoying. You couldn't turn it off.

So, you know, as long as you guys can do it the right way. Otherwise don't have it at all and just give people good default controls (WASD, banking on Q&E, Shift/CTRL/c for down, Space for up, Alt/Shift for afterburners)... maybe even more than one. It's important to make new players comfortable with the controls, before they get vertigo x)

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Re: pbau5's Suggestion Thread

Post by MadMax1998 » 30 Nov 2015, 22:30

Please check this reply over there about auto-leveling.
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