STealTH's Suggestion Thread

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STealTH's Suggestion Thread

Post by STealTH » 07 Nov 2015, 05:50


- Bigger powerups's box so they are easier to pick up. Currently it's easy to fly around them, which is not practical. **Check**. Being looked into I think.
- An option to remove/change the reticle. It's already pretty hard to see ship and in the distance they get lost behind the reticle.
- Sound of hitting shields increased, and with higher pitch. So it's easier to hear when we hit someone. **Check**.
- Remove respawning shields. Having them respawn takes away from the 1on1 experience as the other avoids you to look for more shields.
- Change the respawning of cloak and invul. To stop our Iphones from telling us when the next one is ready to pick up.
- Avatars. It would be great to personalise ships more ingame, not with random pictures but with pilot face selection options, like racing games such as Daytona.
- Max mouse sensitivity lowered to make the joystick playable competitively. At present, the joystick is a gimmick. The max sensitivity in D was much lower and perfect. Currently we have a mouser's game. Of course, fixing this would reduce your market because most play with a mouse. Perhaps if there was lower sensitivity setting called 'Classic' or 'joystick' match, that would be great.
- Alternative option one, a new ship could be introduced that turns normally, at a lower rate for everyone. That way we can just select for only that ship to be allowed in 1on1 matches.
- Alternative option two, lower turning on the Talon, only. This way mousers can use the mouse for the mouse turning rate and others can use the joystick for the joystick turning rate.

- Gattling Gun wind up time removed and have instant travel time. The purpose is to have a weapon for long distances and very up-close dogfights. Currently wouldn't be a good weapon in a 1on1.
- lasers bigger, more powerful and fly slower. Their purpose is to cover a greater area in a room. Currently they are fast like the Ion should be.
- Ion Cannon with a RoF like the current lasers but more focused. The purpose is to have an energy weapon that catches people in your screen briefly, in corridors.
- Dispersion reworked to something different. I'm not sure that more rounds, less spread, or a higher RoF can fix this weapon because you can't see its effectiveness in the distance or in a big area.
- Mac, currently a mouser's weapon as the joystick is too sensitive for it. A slow and powerful weapon seems to be the fair option but still does not fix the main problem which is the max mouse sensitivity.
- Cerberus needs slower drones and perhaps not focus on a random wall point.
- Missiles to be slower and more visible(except the Atlas). Currently they are not easy to see and too fast.

GAMEPLAY IDEAS for Single player mode or limited use in multiplayer:
- A ship utility bay that mounts only one option. Options include:
A -A deployable set of mines that when blown up stuff from them homes into you ; )
B -A deployable set of mines with timers that can be used by doors or around corners to throw people off.
C -A deployable and tough laser turret with weak lasers.
D -A deployable camera (along with a rear view camera, I guess in the next game engine).
E - Mobile repair drones that are very noisy so people know where you are and require 100+ energy to be used.
- New roles. Instead of being ship-based, they could be buff-based. The tank with an invul (or armor) power up, the dps with cloak (no threat) powerups, and one with a portable repair kit :). It would be cool to see group mechanics against bosses. People could join eachother's games at the end of a level to kill bosses and these would be achievements. There would have to be some kind of in-game reward they can take too.

- A dps meter with player dps over the past 10-15 seconds prior to killing someone (which everyone can turn on), showing your accuracy and situational weapon use.
- The ability to record games in-game. I've tried to get this going a bunch of times with the Nvidia Experience software but it won't recognise the game.
- A cockpit! Sublevel Zero has a pretty cool one what changes depending on what weapon you have.
- A wire or some very simple map, possibly like Sublevel zero.
- For the weapon pictures in the HUD to be the same graphic as the weapons in-game so they are easier to identify.

- For the blue hexes in the Menu screen to disappear and the text, e.g. Multiplayer / Help, to be made bigger or reworked. The current bug that removes them gives the menu a more 'srs bzns' look.

- - By wookie in ‘After Burner’ thread – remove shaking animation of the whole hud when using the AB. I agree. I think it takes away from a smooth feel if we focus on gameplay.
- - By Tamurel in ‘small audio bug’ thread – noted that he switched from speakers to earbuds and sounds were gone. In the Menu, I pull the headset connection out and sounds stops working also. Temporary Fix: Restart game.
- - By Dusty in ‘HUD/Reticle’ thread – noted that reticle shows it will shoot from one side but it shoots from the other. Instead I noticed that at random, often you click to fire one missile but you shoot twice.

Bugs I was not able to reproduce:
- Shooting homing/atlas missiles with a wall behind me and dying without an explosion.
- Regen energy faster with rapid lasers as opposed to quad lasers.
- Game switching weapons back and forth when they run of ammo.
- Shooting at hinges of doors to close them before their timer.
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Re: STealTH's wishlist

Post by 1/2Hawk » 07 Nov 2015, 06:00

For #3 - if you have a newer Nvidia card capable of it - try the new ShadowPlay recording features. Smooth as silk, and somehow makes the game look better than when you played it. Amazing!
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Re: STealTH's wishlist

Post by STealTH » 08 Nov 2015, 13:33

That is awesome! I checked it out actually and it seems like it should work.
I am probably not doing it right as alt-F9 won't start recording.
Then again, the game cannot be added to the games list and maybe that's it.

Anyway, this was my first day of testing in-game, done.

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Re: STealTH's Suggestion Thread

Post by Tamurel » 08 Nov 2015, 13:56

As far as autoselect on pickup goes, you can already turn that off. I believe it's under options/game.
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Re: STealTH's Suggestion Thread

Post by MadMax1998 » 09 Nov 2015, 20:54

- To have the option to turn off Auto-select when a stronger weapon is picked up.
Go to "options" --> "game" --> "autoswitch on primary pickup".
- The Biggest from me: to make it so sliding is equally as important to target someone as the mouse is, by having the max sensitivity on the mouse lowered and equal to the joystick.
The mouse cannot move the ship any quicker than a joystick can.
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Re: STealTH's Suggestion Thread

Post by STealTH » 30 Nov 2015, 18:07

A few ideas added

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