Brutal finishing animations (suggestion)

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Brutal finishing animations (suggestion)

Post by Whiteshark » 08 Nov 2015, 09:25

Now that you have modern technology in your hands, you don't have to settle for random spinning before death, you can make different weapons finish off enemies differently, in a brutal manner :D

Lasers - vaporize the enemy into flaming dust
Gatling - throws the nailed carcass of enemy ship into the ground breaking it into pieces
Dispersion - throws the nailed carcass of enemy ship into the wall behind it breaking it into pieces
Ion - Antimateria? Enemy disappears into a black hole? :o
Mac - violently throws the enemy ship into the wall destroying it Bonus: the pilot is still on fp view as he is thrown into the wall

Dumbfire - nothing flashy
Seeker - nothing flashy
Atlast - a giant explosion, or if you really make it go through the enemy make it make a hole or something :) You could also swap this and Mac suggestion
Cerberus - An unintresting puff? nothing flashy

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Re: Brutal finishing animations (suggestion)

Post by ZcRaider » 08 Nov 2015, 21:18

Some interesting ideas you have there heh. :D

They all sound pretty cool!

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Re: Brutal finishing animations (suggestion)

Post by Dusty267 » 09 Nov 2015, 01:16

I like these ideas. The one where the ship would get thrown across the room is a really cool idea :)

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