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Sol Contingency on the Web

Post by SgtThorne » 11 Nov 2015, 17:15

This is a topic for linking reviews, community outreaches, etc! Had something to say about SolC on the Web? Post it here so we can see it! :) (let me know if I missed an existing topic)

All early efforts will only snowball all the more as Sol Contingency moves toward the Proving Grounds and crowd funding campaign! Let's make sure everyone knows how awesome the Proving Grounds is and Sol Contingency UE4 will be!

I was surprised not to see any SolC stirrings over at, so I posted a new topic in the Cafe, and asked Krom if he would give Sol Contingency its own forum, with the Proving Grounds release underway. I also threw out a link to the Sol Contingency Steam group, with an invitation to chat. I think it will be a great place for people to discuss and learn about SolC, even if they're not in the Beta yet.
Sol Contingency write-up on DescentBB wrote:For the uninitiated, Sol Contingency began as the Descent fan project Descent to UDK--bringing the original Descent robot-blasting action to a modern graphics engine (Unreal Engine 3/UDK). Near the end of 2014 the team was served with a Cease & Desist by Interplay before what was to be the Descent to UDK Proving Grounds release, and after a prolonged silence punctuating talks with an Interplay representative regarding the possibility of pursuing a more official and commercial goal for the project. The project, now Sol Contingency has been revamped as a new, bleeding edge 6DOF experience, faithful to the same gut-wrenching 6DOF action that grabbed our attention, turned our stomachs, broke our joysticks, and strained our social bonds decades past! The free Proving Grounds multiplayer release is only the introductory stage--giving us a taste of what the team has accomplished in UDK, and a much-needed return to multiplayer 6DOF action in 2015, while the team prepares to launch a crowd-funding campaign for the full release of the epic Sol Contingency Singleplayer Campaign (with multiplayer) in Unreal Engine 4!
(I would really appreciate any dev critisism of this write-up)

I'm kicking myself for not throwing something up there right at the start of the Closed Beta release, but better late than never. I was very busy, and didn't realise it wasn't getting any attention over there.

I am really excited for this game!
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Re: Sol Contingency on the Web

Post by MadMax1998 » 12 Nov 2015, 13:21

I was very busy
I'm sure you were busy playing our beta. Hehe :mrgreen:
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