When do folks play?

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When do folks play?

Post by Earthshaker » 01 Dec 2015, 22:08

Posting this in here because it seems the most appropriate place rather than somewhere outside the beta forums :)

What sort of times are people online? I've not had much time play lately, but when I've been logging in, usually around 19:00 GMT, I've not seen anyone about over the last week. The chat room doesn't seem to get used that much (which I spose I don't help with since I don't tend to lurk in there - I'll try to get into the habit.)

I can be around most days between 19:00 and 21:30 GMT if anyone wants to arrange a shoot-about... I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not having my ass handed to me by Kaiyena. :twisted:

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Re: When do folks play?

Post by SgtThorne » 02 Dec 2015, 23:53

Typically 23:00 to 2:00 GMT here. I usually check the chat daily, but its starting to slip since I find it empty 80% of the time... I haven't had more than one opponent in weeks.
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Re: When do folks play?

Post by Urungus » 03 Dec 2015, 01:57

I'm usually online 02:00 GMT to 06:00 GMT. I'll try to stay in the chat. Add me in Steam if you like, I'm in the Members section of the Steam group.
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Re: When do folks play?

Post by InVader » 03 Dec 2015, 12:59

I stopped because there is no persistent EU server. Only a US server. I really don't feel like playing 150+ ping all the time.

Tbh, this should be dev's responsibility to setup one server in most major regions.

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Re: When do folks play?

Post by MadMax1998 » 03 Dec 2015, 13:10

I can run my Germany server again, but every time I had it run in the last couple of weeks, nobody ever came on. I'll put it back up if you like; however, I'd also like to suggest that whoever wants to play in their region can also set up their own (listen) server for as long as they play. The game is not exclusively based around dedicated servers provided by us.
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Re: When do folks play?

Post by Yoshimitsu » 03 Dec 2015, 19:45

Most of the time I check for games around 23:30GMT, 3:00GMT, and again around 6:00GMT. I may also be in at out at other random times.

I've recently had a drastic increase in real life business so I haven't managed to play for a little while. I'm hoping to get some games in tonight though If people are running servers (I can't host).

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