R4 vs. moving on to UE4

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R4 vs. moving on to UE4

Post by InVader » 14 Dec 2015, 14:11

I wasn't really sure where I should be posting this...

So I've read that some of the things necessary for this game to work well and be well balanced (mines, auto-align, weapon drop, proper joystick support, performance etc.) are not possible for you guys to handle in UDK, but might be easily done in UE4.

I was wondering how far will we go with this testing, before you guys move on to UE4 and/or just kickstart the development of the full game right away. I'm worried that some of the problems you fixed here in UDK might return in UE4, or that new problems might rise because of the new engine, which won't be discovered anymore.

I'd say releasing R4 is worth it purely to see how the new ion cannon works with the rest of the arsenal. It's difficult to find games as it is. What's your take on this?

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Re: R4 vs. moving on to UE4

Post by Poxy » 14 Dec 2015, 22:48

They should release R4, sure, that's reasonable.

But like you said, it sounds like UE3 doesn't support most of the things necessary to make this game able to work correctly, like all that VITAL stuff you mentioned. I've mostly lost interest for now, because joystick support is so bad.
Once the game is made fair for joystick users, so at least I can use all my buttons and axes, I'll be more interested, but for now, it's just an uphill climb trying to play. Continuing to develop on UE3 will be a mistake, I'm guessing, and they should switch as soon as possible. Maybe after releasing a more hurried UE3 version for public use, just to hold us over.

But sticking to their original plan might be effective as well. Breaking up a carefully planned development strategy could be dangerous.

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Re: R4 vs. moving on to UE4

Post by MadMax1998 » 15 Dec 2015, 12:36

Hey guys,

R4 has been going a little slow since we devs have also had obligations of our own around the holiday season. So sorry about that. All the devs have done their part in rebalancing weapons and stuff and I have to finish putting the changes together in code. And also include the suggested joystick ramping curve adjuster, that will hopefully make Poxy a bit happier.

R4 will probably be the last (closed) beta release of PG. You are right, we can't run the beta forever until it becomes kind of stale; PG is not a full game after all and that's fine. But the plan is still to get this thing tested with your help and then compile the release version from your feedback and our data. That's what this test was for: to make PG more solid before release, and to give you guys something to play and partake in those last few changes.

As I keep reiterating, PG is a demo, a business card to give to potantial backers of the UE4 game (the full one, with more features). It's naturally not going to have all the stuff you want in a full game, because it is not a full game. Some of the features you want *are* possible with UDK (although painstakingly so), but we will reserve them for the actual, full game we make with UE4. That's the plan we have always been following.

While it's nice of Invader to suggest that you'd want to give us money to start the UE4 process right now, this is not how it was meant to happen. The broad public needs to play PG and see what the game is about. A handful of testers (you) may be convinced already but you can't possibly bring up the money we need for a full game devving cycle. More people need to see the game and become aware of its existence, and since you guys have helped identify the biggest problems and issues in it, the public will hopefully have an even better experience with PG than they might have had without this beta beforehand -- which in turn hopefully translates to more backers ;)
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Re: R4 vs. moving on to UE4

Post by 1/2Hawk » 15 Dec 2015, 15:16

Cesar, Sebastian and I have already submitted all our R4 updates and have been play testing all week. Best build yet. At least two of us have already moved onto UE4 too and that's going way faster than one would think. So I'd say both are happening more than it being one vs another. Might just put up a sneak peek soon...
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Re: R4 vs. moving on to UE4

Post by Whiteshark » 17 Dec 2015, 20:28

I suggest not making it open beta before balancing the game well. We need good first impressions.

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