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Cerberus fizzles if it hits a door

Posted: 10 Nov 2015, 20:35
by Yoshimitsu
When I fire a Cerberus missile at a door, the door opens and the Cerberus disappears creating no drones. I realize that there is probably a good reason that this behavior exists but I thought I should mention it. If it's possible to fix, I would like to see one of two things happen;

1. The missile disappears and the drones deploy heading away from the door, just as if I had hit a wall.
2. The missile shell falls to the floor in the doorway and deploys the drones through the door.

Re: Cerberus fizzles if it hits a door

Posted: 11 Nov 2015, 07:56
by 1/2Hawk
Unfortunately, because the door is not a static mesh / wall - I can't seem to get a proper angle reported off the thing when a Cerb hits it. The drones fly off all weird (normally off on the wrong side of the door and down into the floor). Our doors are actually "actors" instead, much like the other players are, so this is why we don't spawn drones off hitting enemies either. Like with other projectiles, the impacts are meant to open it without doing anything else so that nothing hangs in the air as the doors are moving. I'm sure some of these things seems super stupid for folks who've never made a game before... but you'll have to trust us that after playing for a couple years - yeah, we know this stuff is happening and spent time trying to fix it at one point. Its frustrating for us cuz you sit here going - okay the flare bounces off why cant a Cerberus? The answer apparently: gremlins. Best I can figure. *shrug* LOL