Various balance stuff

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Re: Various balance stuff

Post by Yoshimitsu » 11 Nov 2015, 02:21

For PG (and multiplayer in general) I agree with Max. The invulnerability does nothing to enhance the game. It gives more experienced players easy kills if they have it and nothing more than an annoying break while they evade a less experienced, invulnerable player. It breaks up gameplay and that isn't a good thing.
The cloak on the other hand works well enough because it isn't perfect and once you learn what a cloaked ship looks like then you can fight it. I also like the locations where it spawns in Neptune and Icebreaker. Those cul-de-sac areas make going for the cloak a risky move in order to gain a good (but not overwhelming) advantage.

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Re: Various balance stuff

Post by Ion » 11 Nov 2015, 02:51

I only use invuln to gather goods, and maybe get like one kill. Maybe make it last much shorter than cloak to give players enough time to A, kill a few guys that have you cornered, and/or B, grab whatever loot is nearby to stock back up on whatever they had you spend. That, or have it boost you to 200 shields instantly with about five seconds of invuln.

The shield booster item from Project_MSX (a DooM mod; some of you might know it) does the same thing: After you trigger it, your shields are refilled and you're granted temporary invulnerability to get yourself out of a tough spot. But that item you can carry with you, like ten of them, lol. SolC's stationary powerup will bring you up to full overshields and give you some time to bust your way out of trouble, instead of half a minute of skull-busting immunity. Actually, I don't know how long SolC's lasts as of R1 or R2.

That or just make a fully-charged MAC bust open invuln, and anything under that should leak damage through.
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Re: Various balance stuff

Post by STealTH » 11 Nov 2015, 07:39

Both are awesome, but in single player I think.

I reckon they could also be very fun in co-op games where the focus is to chill, have fun, and have beers while you fly with your mates.
Both are awesome gimmicks, given a laid back atmosphere or tough objective that benefits everyone.
Perhaps If a level in future would require different roles.. such as the tank with invul and the cloak with.. some other function.
Imagine if cloak became like a passive thing so shops don't get aggro, lol, and one ship tank invul to tank, and perhaps another cloaked reapplies invul on the tank...
Perhaps the invul could change to an armor buff. Just saying, it would be cool to see group mechanics against bosses. Make the first 6DoF WoW lol.

Come to think of it, I reckon this was the great fall of Descent. Didn't have roles that a team needed to fill to survive.
People come and go. It's the relationships of common benefit that get people or different talents to return.
People like me stuck at it because I'm competitive, I read books on psychology and the Art of War to compete but not everyone is like this.
Some people just want to be support and play for the relationships, others for the fancy experience that only a team effort can provide.

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Re: Various balance stuff

Post by NUMBERZero » 13 Nov 2015, 00:05

STealTH wrote:Perhaps the invul could change to an armor buff.
Thisssssssssssssss. I think this would be best. In Vertigo, it is especially annoying since it isn't in an out of the way place and whoever picks it up basically can utilize it for its full duration. I've had instances where I can wail on them for a long time and I feel frustrated because I am wasting all of my effort, ordinance, and energy on something that's incidentally getting in my way. It becomes a race to kill everyone else nearby before the invuln player does.

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