[listed] Disable invuln & cloak when <4 players

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Re: [listed] Disable invuln & cloak when <4 players

Post by InVader » 30 Nov 2015, 15:39

Nah, invul is a stupid power-up and should be simply replaced. Something like instantly maxing Shields to 200 without auto-draining for 40-60 seconds would be much better. You could still take normal damage, it just wouldn't drain when it's over 100. Respawning every one and a half minute.

Something amplifying the weapons would be also nice, but rather than giving the usual Double damage or faster fire rate, give the weapons a little bit of auto-aim. It doesn't even have to be much, just a small-medium sized circle on the screen, within which your weapons can acquire targets. Or maybe make your shots slightly magnetic, so that they follow the target just a little bit.

Imagine consistently hitting the enemy with the minigun. That's a ton of damage. Especially with the magnetized bullets.

C'mon let's get creative with this shit.

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