Reference Footage (from Descent 1)

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Reference Footage (from Descent 1)

Post by deathwinger » 11 Nov 2015, 04:30

Not sure if other people here are taking a look at the Descent : Underground development, but I saw this video on one of the forums and I thought it was an excellent reference video for the Sol Contingency team to look at to see the player/weapon/level interplay dynamics that made the original Descent 1 so great and the popular game it become.

Perhaps it could give the team some ideas of what weapons are not effective/not meeting the intensity required for dogfighting and what can do with a bit of tweaking.

Let me know what you guys think.

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Re: Reference Footage (from Descent 1)

Post by STealTH » 11 Nov 2015, 08:32

I've played with most of those guys.

Here is another that shows a good balance of rate of fire.

Rate of fire is where it's at when deciding what weapon to use. The plasma was a tool for most places; it was a weapon you could easily spam. Lasers were slower but covered much more ground in big spaces. Spread was the finisher in open spaces. Gauss was for close super dogfights (the type where you struggled to keep the opponent in the same screen for 2 seconds) or long spaces coupled with mercs. Fusion was used mostly to humiliate your enemy. Each one of them had a persistent play-style but could still be be used for in every situation for an entire match and win. Good luck to D:U. We don't need to copy Descent to achieve a balanced rate of fire though. Descent doesn't have a copyright on laser, plasma, or ballistic weapons. If we went to play UFO: Enemy Unknown (a tactical game), we would no choice but to play with the main weapon technologies in-game, being laser, plasma, ballistics, and fusion!! It is ok to use commonly used technologies. What is important is that every weapon should work in every situation, perhaps just with a slight disadvantage in one or another.

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