R4 impressions

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R4 impressions

Post by InVader » 16 Dec 2015, 22:43

okay, played a couple of hours today, although with high ping.

I really like the afterburners right now. Congratulations on improving performance on Neptune. FPS still goes below 60 or even 50 from time to time, usually in the room with the Ion cannon and the little automap hologram, but it's a lot better than it was before. This game is really coming together.

I feel like right now the Dispersion is very weak for a close range weapon - as in absolutely useless. Even the lasers are better at close range and those were nerfed too. When I'm already kissing an enemy and I shoot him , he should die in 2 shots tops, but even then I need like 4+ shots. I'd suggest decreasing magazine size to 3, but Increasing damage greatly/slightly further reduce spread. Make it high risk-reward weapon.
EDIT: If you have ever played Strike Vector on one of the free weekends, you'll know what I'm talking about. That game had just the right amount of spread, range and damage for the shotgun in a 6DOF game. You really felt what was it's effective range and you simply knew that when you couldn't get a kill with it it was because you couldn't get close enough to your enemy. At the same time, at relatively close range it dealt massive damage - it's a close range weapon after all. It's the enemies fault for letting you get close to him!
I'm actually very sad it was full of game breaking bugs. It was the most innovative 6DOF game yet, with the Vector/Harrier modes.

Uncharged Mac can be exploited a bit. A uncharged double hit still deals 40 damage and has a very short reload time compared to the charged variant. I'd suggest averaging it for all levels. Right now it works a bit too well at close range for a long range weapon.

Gatling feels absolutely solid. I don't think removing the spin-up was necessary, but whatever. I really like the added spread. It's an okay finisher, but also a good solid dps gun, so maybe I'd increase the spread a bit and lower dmg a tiny bit.

Ion Cannon: It works really well as a long range assault weapon, but right now there's not a lot of places to make use of it. Highly situational. Also, Rapid fire lasers seem to have a higher fire rate. Not sure about the damage, but sometimes it feels like rapid fire lasers deliver more damage. I don't know how keen are you guys on keeping the rapid fire lasers, but I would simply just buff the ion cannon with either more fire rate or more damage.

Quad Lasers - if you wanted this to become purely a starting weapon, you've achieved that. Still better than the dispersion though.

Other than that, my only gripe is with some of the weird level-design choices:
- on Icebreaker the dispersion is in the big ice cave, where it's the most useless. Same with the Mac on Neptune. Imho it would be much better to put the weapons to places where they are the most useful. E.g On Neptune a nice place for the Mac would be where the little automap hologram is at the en of the long corridor.
- On Neptune the area at the other Mac near the invul is a death sentence. Only 1 exit. It would be nice to connect it to another corridor, just before the incul. If the invul is at a very risky location, I'm fine with that.
- Some power-ups are clunky to get to, e.g.: on Neptune the shield in the dispersion/charger room, or the rocket pack in the server room below the Gatling gun.
- Also on Neptune, in the Mac/Disperion room... that crane next to the Mac.... it's just... it's there... why is it there. IT'S SCARING ME! xD

These are things to consider for multiplayer maps for balancing reasons. I heard the guy who made Vertigo left your team. Well, look very closely at the map, because there's a lot to learn from it. It's not only well balanced, but very interesting as a 6DOF map.

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Re: R4 impressions

Post by MadMax1998 » 16 Dec 2015, 23:45

Note on Vertigo: yes, the guy who made it initially left (over a year ago), but Hawk put most of it together as you see it now -- including all the pickups.

Thanks for the report!
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