R4 Weapons - How To...

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R4 Weapons - How To...

Post by 1/2Hawk » 17 Dec 2015, 01:39

Before this entire forum is filled with more flames, here's the deal. Forget everything you remember about R3 and its weapons. Please play more than 2 rounds in R4 before writing an opinion - these weapons need to be learned in usage. Don't mention D3 either or I will kick you in the dick. Most of these changes came from the consensus of the many posts you guys wrote previously - which was hard because nobody really agreed on anything other than the Ion blobs were too hard to use... So I don't expect everybody here will like all the changes, but at least hear us out on what the changes mean.

In order to make the Ion a more effective weapon, we needed to re-balance all the primaries a bit so it didn't become just a purple version of the laser. So we pushed things around in various spaces to give clear advantages and disadvantages to each weapon. This in turn gave each weapon a good usage scenario and a bad one. If you are about to write a post that says "Weapon #X Sucks!" then that's probably a very good sign you were trying to use it in a situation its not good for.

We spent about two weeks playing Weapon A vs Weapon B and video taping the results to get this all tuned up. When you can get an enemy in his disadvantage position while you're at advantage you should always be able to kill that opponent with any weapon here. That said - don't forget that you opponent may be overcharged on shields, adding a layer of variability to all this.

In short - here's a cheat sheet:


Pro Tips:

If you think the lasers suck: Well maybe they should, otherwise why go pick up anything else. But aside from that - if you're on the opposite side of Neptune's hallway against an Ion or Gatling - you're dead. With the lasers, you need to stay right up on top of your opponent and out maneuver them. No weapon (other than a fully charged MAC) does more DPS... Quads will kill a guy in just 5 shots. At close range, the projectile speed doesn't matter and the wide spread helps score hits. If you do get stuck in a distance situation, create a flying wall of laser shots and chase behind them.

If you think the shotgun sucks: Don't pick it up then. Let me have it instead cuz it gives me the giggles. Per y'alls suggestions, we tightened up the choke on it. It shoots 20 projectiles at once, and the closer you are the more likely they will hit your opponent. I see way too many people trying to shoot it from 50 ft out - get your face right on a dude before letting it loose. Its best not to use the AB when carrying this in order to get up behind someone. Make sure its reloaded first before going into combat. If used properly on a weaker player, you can get a kill without having to reload - however many times you'll need to do a dance while it reloads, which adds a bit of butt clenching.

In earlier releases, it kinda didn't matter what weapon you had because they all did about the same thing in slightly different ways. Now it does matter. Find a gun that suits your play style first and stick with it for awhile. You'll see others getting kills with the other guns too and eventually you'll learn those along the way.
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Re: R4 Weapons - How To...

Post by Whiteshark » 17 Dec 2015, 08:59

5 shots to kill sounds reasonable. I couldn't tell if the lasers were buffed since I couldn't hit a thing with the lag I had + the weird shape.

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Re: R4 Weapons - How To...

Post by Kaiyena » 17 Dec 2015, 14:20

I'm sorry but the lasers fire and travel too f*cking slow and you destroyed the gatling overall. Those weapons were perfect back in r3. You should have tweaked only the ion to fit in with the rest of the weapons. Also, one thing to note.. ships seem slower in this build and it kind of makes it hard to dodge the MAC.

Every weapon should be useful in EVERY situation, don't make this like Call of Duty where every type of weapon is only good for one situation. That doesn't mean the weapons need to be all the same, but don't limit me to a certain extent that the weapons with their current stats do.
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