Binding keys and buttons to nonstandard functions

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Binding keys and buttons to nonstandard functions

Post by MadMax1998 » 06 Nov 2015, 12:59

Hello testers,

another issue identified recently is that you can bind keys like T through the input menus and then no longer text chat. Obviously you should not attempt this but if you have done so, the fix is to go to your game installation folder and then "UDKGame\Config", and delete the file UDKInput.ini to get the defaults back. You could try and load an input preset from the menu as well, though it may not work.

Some people have asked how to bind keys or buttons to the weapon selectors (1-9). This is how you can do that:

There are console commands for setting and clearing bindings that will allow you to bind your own keys/buttons to weapon selection (or any other function). Type any of the following commands in the console (accessed in game by pressing ~ or Ö):

UnbindKeyAxis <key>
This will clear a binding from a key (useful to clear a binding you can't see on the menu)

Example: "UnbindKeyAxis T" clears anything bound to the T key and makes it non-functional.

SetKeyBindByCommand <key/button> <function> <input type>
This manually binds the key or button you specify to the function you specify. The input type must be 0 for keyboard, 1 for mouse and 2 for joystick.

Example: "SetKeyBindByCommand T GBA_Talk 0" binds the text chat function to T.
Example: "SetKeyBindByCommand MiddleMouseButton GBA_SwitchWeapon3 1" binds the dispersion gun switch to the middle mouse button.
Example: "SetKeyBindByCommand XboxTypeS_B GBA_TeamTalk 2" binds the team text chat to the B button on your controller/joystick.

For a complete list of the key, mouse button and XBox button names to use, see this article.

The list of functions you could bind this way are:

GBA_ShowMenu -- shows the in-game menu
GBA_SwitchWeapon1 to GBA_SwitchWeapon10 -- switches to a weapon directly
GBA_Talk -- text chat
GBA_TeamTalk -- team text chat
GBA_ToggleSpeaking -- voice chat

All other functions can be bound through the menus.
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