[seems solved] Serious bug, can't join or host games.

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Re: Serious bug, can't join or host games.

Post by Tamurel » 07 Nov 2015, 20:10

I already port forwarded ports 27000 through 27050, both udp and tcp, before I first launched the game. Strange thing is that I had no issues whatsoever before the death screen glitch I described in the first post of this thread occurred.

Edit: Was able to join and play again just now. Played some deathmatch on neptune and icebreaker, but at the end of the icebreaker match, the game kept showing the scorescreen. After a while, it sent me back to the main menu and now I can't join again.
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Re: Serious bug, can't join or host games.

Post by Urungus » 08 Nov 2015, 00:40

Tamurel wrote:How do I do that exactly?
Try this. Easy to use, very informative.
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