Thread for minor complaints or critiques~

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Re: Thread for minor complaints or critiques~

Post by MadMax1998 » 17 Apr 2016, 15:54

Presjar wrote:Does anyone have issues with the server browser not always finding all servers? I have to refresh a few times and sometimes it shows only my server and other times I get a single or two USEast servers and not my own. On the next refresh they might all show up.
I get this problem too, but it's my router. It happens on other games to me as well. Apparently queueing the Steam server list is a hard task for any router and if it has some kind of spam protection it will stop displaying servers. It should not be a fault of the game... should... if more people can report this bug and also reproduce it, we might have to look at the code again to see if we can somehow slow down the queueing or whatever. :geek:
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