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A couple of my thoughts on PG

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 16:38
by Kaiyena
Alright. I'm not that amazing at describing my experiences, or well anything in general but I'll do my best..

In terms of the maps, I think it's been a problem since the closed MP beta for me as well as a few other people... but I get a few frame drops on Icebreaker in the center room where it's all foggy and snowy as well as the upper area where there is usually no activity unless someone happens to spawn up there. I seem to get stuck on door frames a bit on every map. But everything else seems fine. Detail isn't too distracting, I can keep track of what I'm shooting at, blah blah blah. It's good. Heh <3 I've seemed to encounter a bug with the auto-switch where I run out of energy or ammo using any weapon at all(including missiles I think) and still be using that weapon but empty at the same time causing me to not be shooting anything and die(These are my settings: I hope I'm not the only one this happens to. Also, I find it rather annoying how the time you press to fire is delayed to when the projectile leaves your ship based on your ping. It makes weapons like the ION and MAC(maybe atlas) almost unusable as they have a very fast travel time, forcing players with a higher ping to have to guess where someone is going to be most of the time. It seems rather unfair for them compared to the ones with a lower ping.. and kind of makes the Gatling look kind of funny when you fire it. It's like you're using one of your laser cannons on the side for it. But yeah. Another thing. Weapons seem to consume a little too much energy, one thing I could suggest is making it so players drop an energy spark(or whatever they're called) on death, might make things not so bad. And uh.. Please... For the love of god. Would you please increase the fire rate on the quad lasers to what they were back in R3 of the closed beta?! -_- even if you have to reduce the damage. Yeah the rapidfire setting is kind of nice. But the quads are just too slow for my liking. They are quite powerful as they are, but eh. Personally it's just that one thing that gives it a bad vibe for me. Overpoweredness, or Underpoweredness, I couldn't really think of much for the Gatling. So I guess that's a good thing, it's a good weapon. Dispersion is still weak, or at least it seems that way. I do remember having to reload at least 3 times just to kill someone across the large corner room in Neptune or the mid-area of icebreaker. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks it's underpowered but I get gunned down quite a bit by about anything if I'm using the shotty. In terms of the ION cannon, I don't have much to say. It's become more useful, that's for sure considering what we've seen it be in the past. But it's still not on par enough with the rest of the weapons IMO. Seems like the only place it's useful for me is the long ass tunnel in neptune but nowhere else lol. MAC, only complaint is the cool down. I can see why you made it longer than what it was before but if I miss a fully charged shot, it would take me less time to just switch to lasers or something just so I can at least start hitting my target and potentially kill them. So I don't use that weapon much. Movement feels really good, keep it that way. *thumbs up* But I do wish the Afterburner didn't take as long to fill up again however that's just my thoughts on that. I guess that covers most of the stuff I had to b*tch about. However I'm having a lot of fun, I've put a lot of hours into your playing your game and it's absolutely orgasmic. I know you guys will figure out what is best for the game. I guess I'll see y'all in the mines <3

Re: A couple of my thoughts on PG

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 18:10
by Slade Xanthas
The main problem with the projectiles is that the entirety of the Unreal Engine multiplayer code is based around what's known as permissible server/client, which means the client makes a request (eg: firing a missile) and the server must validate this request. This causes a delay in firing when the connection is poor. Descent 1 and 2 used peer to peer and 3 used its own client/server architecture which allowed projeciles to appear immediately on the client. I don't believe there's a way around this without heavily modifying the base source code for the multiplayer client/server architecture.

The collision issue is annoying, but one of the developers I believe mentioned they'll be able to fix it once the game is ported to UE4.

Re: A couple of my thoughts on PG

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 19:19
by Kaiyena
I know about the whole permissible thingy. Doesn't mean it's not annoying ^^

Re: A couple of my thoughts on PG

Posted: 20 Apr 2016, 09:46
by Whiteshark
The thing I don't like about SolC lasers is that unlike D1, they are basically "lasers", precision hitters that are hard to miss with. By making the lasers travel slower you can bring them closer to the D1 model where they are used to zone out the enemy, while still being dodgeable. Then a rate of fire buff would also be needed, since they currently don't really fill enough area with laser to make them an effective zoning tool. This would also bring up dispersion cannons role as a sure hitter, as well as Ion cannons role as a long range hitter, although I still think the old ion cannon was a better idea, and the gatling would work perfectly as a long range weapon. The spinup is a great mechanic because it prevents those bloody vulcan warriors from killing you in a fraction of a second like in D1 tunnels.