A few thoughts of mine!

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A few thoughts of mine!

Post by Poxy » 04 May 2016, 11:13

So far, this game is very fun!

I've had fun blasting people into pieces with the lasers and the missiles. Dumbfires are fun to fire and make a smokescreen of death, while the Atlas devastates plebes and spears them good.
The Cerberus is one heck of a missile. Easy to dodge, but when used correctly, is a powerful tool. Like dogs herding sheep., it's easy to get a person to move in the way you want, and then poooow. Blast 'em with lasers.

Tonight, I had fun with Oaku and KaizenYena, using single bolts of the rapid fire laser mode to slowly pick them off. We just had a pact where we only pulled the trigger for a second at a time, to release only one bolt.
It's a different feeling when you extend the length of a battle. It turns into a showdown, a "Dance of Death", where you not only need a strategy, but superb physical skill to hit. You can't just throw all you've got at them, like a normal match.

You know what I mean. It gets boring when the only way to get a kill on a skilled opponent is to just surprise them in a tunnel. Being able to dodge around objects during a long term firefight makes things quite a bit more interesting, seeing as you have to learn how your opponent thinks in order to not only dodge their fire, but also hit them with a single laser bolt at a time.

Then I did the same with Atlas missiles. No other weapons, just Atlas missiles, and that was fun too. Of course, with Atlas missiles being rather rare, it got kinda tough to make it fair... (at least fair for the other guy. I ended up winning. Muhahaha.)

Anyways, I've been having lots of fun playing Sol Contingency.

This is a great game! Thanks for making it, devs, and I hope the next version is even better!

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Re: A few thoughts of mine!

Post by MadMax1998 » 06 May 2016, 13:49

Thanks for the praise! :D
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