How-to server setup & hoster/provider advice germany

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How-to server setup & hoster/provider advice germany

Post by nexus6 » 02 Aug 2016, 10:38

Hey community!

I am complete noob in field of server setup / hosting, but like to setup a dedicated test-server in germany / europe (maybe frankfurt).
Can I get some help with the setup and selecting a provider in germany?

So my questions are:
Ist there a easy how-to about server setup with min. HW-specifications, os version a.s.o. ?
Any hoster recommendations in germany, belgum, netherlands, uk ?

Thx for your help

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Re: How-to server setup & hoster/provider advice germany

Post by Yoshimitsu » 02 Aug 2016, 14:55

I have never been able to do it myself because of the internet I have to live with but I believe that the Sol Contingency manual has good instructions. ... al_1.0.pdf It looks like server hosting instructions begin on page 14.

A server in Germany would be pretty cool. I just made a new 6dof friend in South Africa and since I'm in the USA a European server would be awesome as a midway point to give us a more equal ping.

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Re: How-to server setup & hoster/provider advice germany

Post by Aerox » 14 Aug 2016, 23:09

Hi nexus6!

The only hard requirements as far as I know are that the machine must be running some version of Windows (presumably any hosting service would offer a new enough version) and that you need a dedicated Steam account for that machine if you want the Steam integration. On my old machine each server is using just over 100MB of RAM idle (I don't remember the usage from when it was full), so you might want to factor that in when looking around.

I'd start by following Yoshimitsu's suggestion and looking in the manual. They explain how to get it rolling. Once you've reached that point you can start adjusting things (such as player cap, kills to win, match length, etc) and experimenting.

If you get one rolling, please create a thread for it in the Servers subforum :D

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Re: How-to server setup & hoster/provider advice germany

Post by DuderSeb » 18 Aug 2016, 04:46

Thanks all for helping nexus6 out. @nexus6, Once you get it working we can try and round up some folks for some action :twisted:
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