Hosting and joining servers

Hosting a PG server? Post the details here so people can find you!

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Hosting and joining servers

Post by MadMax1998 » 15 Apr 2016, 19:39

Hello pilots!

Server hosters:

This forum is there for you to post when you open a new listen or dedicated server for others to join and play on. Advertise your server here, giving details of when it launches, when it will close, what gametype/maps you play and what the time and score limits are. If you want to, you can also hand out your Internet IP address -- this will make it easy for people to join when they have trouble seeing your server on Steam. Please make sure to post if your server uses Steam tracking because that means only players signed in to Steam can join!

If you set up a dedicated server, please define a name for the server without spaces or, if you must use spaces, enclose the name in quotes. Like this:

Code: Select all

?serverdescription="My Server"
Client players:

How do you join a server?

For Steam servers

You can find these servers through the game's "join" menu screen, in the server browser. Pick one and click "join" to play on it.

If someone opens a LISTEN server, that means they will be around on it and wait for you to play with.
If someone opens a DEDICATED server, it means the server will run by itself and will be empty, waiting for testers to fill it.

For non-Steam servers

If someone opens a non-Steam server, you will not see it in the menu's server browser. Rather, you will have to join that particular server through the IP or domain the hoster will post in this thread when they open a server. To do this, go to the "I.P. Join" page on the join screen in the menus. If you know a Steam server is there but the browser does not display it for some reason, you can also use the IP/domain method to join.

Let's go!
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Re: Hosting and joining servers

Post by Halogene » 18 Apr 2016, 14:52

I like to believe that there already are servers out there that do not require to be signed in to steam for joining them. Would it be possible to set up a page that lists them? Ideally the page could also list the number of players online, but I'd be grateful even for a wiki sort of page that lists the IPs that can be joined. So far I haven't seen any server within reasonable reach (Germany here) aside of the UK server that is online when I'm mostly not :o)

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Re: Hosting and joining servers

Post by VEX-Ben » 27 Apr 2016, 15:57

I set up a Dedi for Europe/Germany

"VEX_Dedi" is it's name but currently it's not to see on steam :-(
I forwarded the ports 21015 - 21016 TCP/UDP for steam, I created a new steamaccount (so I can join from another PC) but it's never seen on steam :geek:

my ip Port 7777 to join for all. This works, Whiteshark was able to join. But I see no way to be seen on steam.

Please inform me if it works (or the seerver is not available) .. -> and if you have some tipps for me make it works on steam

(a few hours later)
Since this time -> no way to make my Dedi visible...

But while I will test the next time to make it visible on steam, the server will be available per (ip Port 7777. This will give yoou a better ping than US- or AUS-Server

Meanwhlie I hope to fix the steam-problem

(Please excuse my bad englisch... ):roll:

May be I found a tip to fix the Problem. If anyone can help me, I made a screenshot from the serverstart. Please look at the attachment and help me

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