Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by DuderSeb » 19 Oct 2015, 22:03

I have to say, it sure is awesome to see you all popping back to post your feedback. It feels great and gives us a lot of encouragement to press on these last few steps! Can't thank you guys enough!

Yes, we will be also posting to YouTube very soon so those of you who missed it will be able to catch us there too.

Expect these streams and content more often as we move into more hands-on testing rather than heavy devving, we were left extremely eager to share more with you! And hopefully reach even more people because everyone is right that we have to start hitting that PR :)

Again, thank you all for the support!
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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by pipsqueak » 20 Oct 2015, 01:32

Got to watch for a little while on Sunday, Game is looking awesome, nice work.

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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by Springer » 20 Oct 2015, 03:17

Very much enjoyed the steam guys and cannot wait to play the PG and back the KS!

Things I loved:
The weapons sounded beefy and that gives them "weight" and makes them feel good to fire
Ship looked great (especially the animation), and was more visible
Levels were beautiful
Game menus looked really clean and functional
Support for multiple control schemes

Secondary weapons didn't have the same beefy feel that primaries did and thus felt weaker. If anything I would think secondaries should feel stronger than pri
Not sure how I feel about having a "down" for gravity effects. Flares and Ion both used this and I think this may limit level design in the future (If people want to use the bullet drop). I know you said you can turn it off.
Would it be possible to get a cockpit view? I know it's not that important but it makes me all giddy and nostalgic.
Wish there were some sort of "edge effect" of blurring or something when cloaked or Invulnerable. There's just that little purple dot, which is useful with that timer for sure. This is mostly just a cosmetic thing that maybe would be better for the full release.

Lastly, in my opinion you shouldn't sell yourselves short on the business side. Charge $40 for the full version of the game from KS and then like 49.99 if people wait for Steam. You aren't going to be getting any micro-transaction income on the back end and your business model is very old school. My only apprehension on this point is that the PG will be so good that people might not want to pay that much for an upgrade in engine "only". The single/co-op campaign will be a big draw though so sell that hard on KS.

Soooo pumped for this game and I'll be promoting it hard! Best of luck!

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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by Duper » 20 Oct 2015, 05:35

About gravity.

gravity fx were in D3 as well. You could make it really strong if you wanted although I don't think any level was made with it maxed.
I normally added a little in mine. iirc Keg for D3 had some reasonable grav. You saw it most with how fast the napalm blobs fell. If there was no grav, they would float in place.
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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by Yoshimitsu » 20 Oct 2015, 20:41

Thanks for sharing your progress with us all guys. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, every time you show us something new I become even more anxious to play.

On the whole it looks fantastic.
The maps look amazing. (I really hope that the research station makes it in at some point in the future)
The two new weapons are really interesting. I'll be curious to find out how they alter gameplay over time.
The rapid/quad laser switch is brilliant.
I love the new sounds.
The ship animations are both cool and useful.
I can see the difference the slight speed boost makes. It looks much better now.
The colorful HUD is far more legible and I like the compacted design.

That bouncy flare on the other hand looks like it has the potential for some real comedy moments.

The only thing I see that I still don't like is the spinup delay on the gatling gun. When we played in August it kept me from using the weapon because it made it feel far less potent than it should. It's also unrealistic, I've now watched lots of videos of real ones out of curiosity and they have no discernible delay between the pull of the trigger and the stream of bullets. Lastly, while I don't personally feel all that strongly about it, many of the people I've talked to in recent weeks have told me that it's going to keep them from playing the game entirely. I know they're probably in the minority but still...

In any case, I'm delighted by what I see and I can't wait to get my hands on the game. I'll also happily join in when you do server stress tests (as long as I'm not at work at the time of course).

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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by Hakdog » 21 Oct 2015, 08:17

Oh there is only one negative thing I can think of, I could barely hear DuderSeb on the live stream. Volume a little on the low side LOL :mrgreen:

Maybe it was just my end!

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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by Poxy » 21 Oct 2015, 08:26

Isn't the obvious solution to the gatling gun to have it fire a single bullet upon key press, and then have it spin up like it currently does?
Or something like that?

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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by youtle » 21 Oct 2015, 10:35

Twitch broadcast didn't save again :( i hope someone recorded it because you did a good job explaining everything and answering questions.

overall presentation is really slick BBB graphics all the way!
Lots of nice little details in the maps like the live feed monitors (I expect some picture in picture shenanigans when you move over to UE4) and animations on the eclipse.
sounds were also really good couldn't hear the music though.
The last unfinished map reminded me alot of facing worlds with the rotating skybox it's exactly the kind of thing i wanted to see.

Some things i'm not sure about.
shotgun type weapon may be too strong
projectiles may be too fast to straight up dodge
homing missile seemed very easy to dodge i liked that it couldn't find a target on it's own though
maps could potentially become too cluttered with additional objects
it's hard to really judge until i play it myself though.

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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by MadMax1998 » 21 Oct 2015, 11:04

Yes, while your concerns are all valid you will see when you play it yourself that some of them may just vanish ;)
BBB graphics all the way!
Look guys, we've got the perfect quality spec for our game! Triple-B! :P
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Re: Live Stream Feedback - 10/18/2015

Post by Yoshimitsu » 21 Oct 2015, 12:22

Triple B+ maybe, just like Mad Max was one of the first B+ films....

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