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About the Ion

Postby Zap » 07 Nov 2015, 10:57

Unfortunately my laptop would not run a game like SolC, so I can only lurk here and watch videos of fights on YouTube, but I'm still very hyped for this game, I can't wait to be able to play!!!

Looking at the recording of the last twitch session and reading the beta forum, I had a thought on the Ion.

Currently most primaries are quite fast: the only really dodgeable one seems to be the lasers, and still they look fast on video...

Moreover the MAC is also fast, so that a peculiar mechanic of 6dof is somehow still missing: the mechanic of leading the opponent in a direction by shooting something dangerous (but slow) in the opposite. That's more or less why certain "classicists" like dodgeable weapons and hate the mass driver... ;)

So here is my idea: I propose to make the ion shoot large, slow projectiles at a slow rate (no charging). Similar to how it is now, but maybe even slower. This would seem a horrible weapon when others like MAC are strong AND fast, but hear me out: make the energy blobs of the ion damage the shields, but also penetrate them and damage the hull of the ship *directly*. This would make it extremely deadly and possibly allow a player to entirely overturn a fight, giving a good reason to use this slow, dodgeable weapon even when there are faster ones available. It would also give you a good reason to do your best to dodge it!! If this seems too much, maybe only the very central part of each projectile could yield hull damage, while the outer part only damages shields.

It's just an idea of course, I thought it won't hurt posting ;)

(By the way, somebody mentioned the atlas passing through ships. What if it did, but only through those ships that have no shields? It would kill those ones anyway, and somehow it seems to make more sense physically.)

Everything I saw so far is outstanding, keep up the good work!!! It's just a pity that it's so hard to know when someone is charging :D :P
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Re: About the Ion

Postby Poxy » 07 Nov 2015, 12:23

I would jizz an unholy amount if the Ion cannon was made more similar to the Grenade Launcher in Hawken.


Check out around 30 seconds in. The projectile lobs upward, then downward, rather slowly, and to detonate it, you just press the fire button again. That limits your gun to only ONE ion bolt in the air at a time, of course, but even so, it would add strategic value.
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Re: About the Ion

Postby Hakdog » 07 Nov 2015, 21:28

All idea's are good ;)

Maybe an idea to use a system like Mantis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantis_Bug_Tracker), so requests/most wanted can be entered in there as well as any bugs people find whilst testing.

Anyway, looking forward to tonight's live stream :D
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Re: About the Ion

Postby MadMax1998 » 08 Nov 2015, 16:52

We are keeping track of all of these suggestions, so keep 'em coming.
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Re: About the Ion

Postby Halogene » 08 Nov 2015, 19:48

remote detonation of projectiles can get very handy in fast paced games, since it often is difficult to land direct hits in mid-air. Just as an inspiration, not as a request in any way, in Xonotic we have a rocket launcher ("devastator") where you can detonate the rocket remotely. Additionally, if you keep the fire button pressed and move the mouse, you can even guide it. That makes the Xonotic devastator a very versatile weapon, especially for hitting people mid-air. Remote detonation and even self exploding projectiles can serve very well for air combat.
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Re: About the Ion

Postby Poxy » 09 Nov 2015, 11:00

Halogene, your suggestion sounds like mine, but I'll attempt to convert you to grenades, rather than rockets. Why?

Because grenades would have an arc. The arc is the key feature I'm desiring here. Instead of a straight line, I'd have an arc, or a "half orbit", so we can pretend this is an electron orbit or something (just to make the weapon lore make sense), which means the arc would depend on your ship's position. Instead of arcing *downwards*, it would arc in whatever direction you've rolled into. This enables and requires a huge amount of strategy and timing. Rather than being able to fire directly at your opponent, this helps a joystick user, because you don't HAVE to aim perfectly at the opponent. Instead, you must *predict* where the enemy will be, AND where your ion orbs will be in the next second, allowing you to stack some crazy missile+ion combos that couldn't be possible if missiles+ion both went in a straight line. If one is slower than the other, joystick users would be troubled, because you'd have to move the joystick back the other direction in order to aim a faster/slower projectile. If it arcs, you must already compensate for that, making it both easier, and potentially more complex. In a good way, of course.

I could also imagine changing the degree of the arc depending on the speed the ship is moving. If not moving at all, an extremely tight arc could perhaps make it a very short-range weapon, allowing it to orbit just within a few meters, letting it act as a "bouncing betty" sort of prox mine.

Or if you fire it at while traveling at max speed, full afterburners, it might launch a longer distance. Strafing could add some fun effects too.

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