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Re: ETA on Open Beta

Post by PP Mguire » 29 Dec 2015, 21:43

DuderSeb wrote:Hey PP, nice to see you again!

We're not canning Proving Grounds for another project. Proving Grounds is our multiplayer-focused demo for Sol Contingency and the foundation for the full Sol Contingency game; which will be in UE4 and have a campaign-focused approach along with multiplayer. (PG is made in UDK/UE3).

Our aim is for this UDK demo to be as solid and (hopefully) fun as possible so that it can be our bona fide approach to our crowdfunding campaign. We want you to play and see, for free, what we are technically capable of producing and the overall direction we wish to take with our 6DoF action. This way you'll have something tangible in which to base your decision to support us (or not) :)
Ah sweet, that glorious UE4, right? Is the game easily ported to the new engine so mechanics aren't lost? From what I've seen it seems like Sol will be a nice compliment to D:U for some users to get out of 6dof what they can't in D:U. Like I was saying in the other thread I feel like D:U is getting to conflicted by the diehards that want this or that out of a Descent game. Wingman is working hard to please everybody but I think things might stall a bit if they keep on that approach.

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