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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by odd_enough » 08 Nov 2012, 01:58

@Vertigo Fox I can really only think of one place you may have heard my name crop up. Or rather, the most public place. I had some of my work featured in Epic's UDK showcase a few months back. Other than that, everything else would be pretty obscure. Maybe polycount? *shrug*

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by Arcy » 08 Nov 2012, 14:09

I´m late here...

so my name is nico, also living in Berlin and i´m a freelancing 3D artist primarily specializing in 3D Character animation but also doing general 3D stuff as generalist.
When animating I wouldn´t want to miss Maya. As for all the other stuff I´m using 3ds Max since around 2004.

And seems I´m in good company here since i ALSO make music since my 8th birthday either with my piano or with Cubase but didn´t have a band in a long time.. but that might change soon ^^

So I´d consider myself a modeler within this project also to finally do something for a realtime environment.
And wow have i played and loved that game back then :)

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by clawjelly » 08 Nov 2012, 14:17


My name is Oliver, i'm a 3D artist for a bit more than 12 years by now. At the moment i live in Graz, Austria, so i speak german natively, english like a pro and a little portuguese and french to order beer. I worked on various game projects in the past and still work fulltime as a game artist.

As i seem to be an old fart with my 35 years of age, i remember pretty vividely playing descent back in the days on my underpowered PC. Hence i'm actually freaked up somebody made it possible to have proper graphics on that one. I haven't got any experience with UDK though, but a lot with modern shaders, normalmaps and other next-gen-tech, so if you need some info, feel free to message me. I'll try to stick around on the forum a little, but i haven't got a lot of time (until december, when i got a month of vacations and not a lot of plan what to do with it yet...)


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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by Alexs189 » 08 Nov 2012, 17:56

Why hello there!

My name is Alex, I am primarily a level designer and have made some pretty decent (if I do say so myself) mods in the past for Fallout and Gears Of War. I live near Aberdeen in sunny Scotland and I am 17. I have only ever worked on these projects on my own so I am very excited to be here! :D I currently have a Youtube Channel - Deadfreak99 and I am pretty confident with my editing skills.
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by MetalBeast » 08 Nov 2012, 19:19


My name is Artur, also known as "MetalBeast" in the Descent scene or "Darh Arth" in the "Jedi Knight" modding scene.
I'm possibly the oldest here so far ;)
My first modding attempts started with mapping and modding for DooM, then modded for "Shadow Warrior" and "Duke Nukem 3D".
After longer pause I was modding for Q3-engine based games, mostly for Jedi Knight II and Jedi Academy.

I was part of the development team for D2X-XL, created all the 3D weapons and powerups, "Pyro GX reloaded", "Phantom XL" and finally "the Wolf."

Image Image

I'm hobby 3D modeller, mapper and webmaster (hosting few free projects on my site),
My texturing and 2D artistic skills are not the best, but I'm working on it ;)


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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by Blarget2 » 08 Nov 2012, 20:20

Hello people,

My name is Samuel, and i am known on the internet as blarget2. That has always been my name, and that will probably not change either.
I am a amateur mapper in nature, but hope to be a professional mapper soon.
I'm probably the youngest here so far ;)
I have worked in the following engines. Descent 1&2, Doom, Quake, Wrack, Cube 2, Source engine, and now UDK (which i will be just starting when i get it running).
I have little to no experience in UDK so I'll be needing that workshop if it happens. If not, I'll find my way somehow.

LINKS TO MY WORK: ... r/FUME.png ... getres.png ... 214637.png

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by KungFuJesus » 08 Nov 2012, 21:22

Vertigo Fox wrote: Are you the same KungFuJesus who did/does various Let's Plays with Pokecapn & various crew?
Sadly, no. There are many of us Jesus', and whenever two or more get together everything ends up going highlander as there can only be one. I'm still here, so who knows where the other guy is :lol:
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by MadMax1998 » 08 Nov 2012, 23:22

Hey new members, welcome! Thought I'd never see you again ;) (just joking a little)

I'm especially excited to see MetalBeast has made it here. That Pyro model he showed you is the one I want for this project, if at all possible ;)
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by 1DVD4D2UDK » 09 Nov 2012, 01:45

KungFuJesus wrote:and whenever two or more get together everything ends up going highlander, as there can only be one.
:lol: @ JFK backwards! :D

Mike here,
I'm old enough to know better and eager enough to try anyway!

I was born in San Francisco and raised in and around the sunshine state, can't really think of living anywhere else - not too partial to cold climates.
Anyway, growing up I was a creative little bugger - drove my parents batty drawing on anything I could, until they started buying me art supplies instead of cleaning products. :D
I disassembled every toy I got, to see how it worked - and put it back together usually with some new modification that didn't always make it better! :)

I took as many creative classes I could in school, but always seemed to gravitate back to science, math & engineering - and started taking adult classes @ John O'Connell Tech before I got out of high school, simply because that's where they had all the cool classes. So I wanted to take mechanical drafting(but it was full), and ended up in aeronautics - which was cool because they had almost all the creative engineering aspects I was looking for, math, electronics, engineering, aerodynamics, weights & balances etc. so that worked out pretty good.

Since then I've learned a lot more about art, mostly from self & personal instruction - taken a few computer related courses - all while being fascinated by the concept of VR, CG and any other movie effects and game related technologies.

I fell for descent ages ago but years after it first came out, as I wasn't to stable back then - but since have been living in sunny California.
I didn't like the editor, but wanted so badly to make levels for it - and then when ECE-UT2004 DVD-2 came out I knew I had something I could freely create just about anything I wanted for the game, hence I had planned to start making an Unreal Descent Mod.
While making and testing more content than releasing, I still enjoy knowing how things work - so I have a like bazillion test maps that I've made to test concepts and theories to understand how the internal workings of the unreal engine actually does what it does, so I usually know basically where to look when something goes wrong or doesn't work or look right. So, I normally ended up helping more people to solve their content glitches than making the stuff I wanted to.
Most of the content I've done was with small group efforts to make some of the more creative map types for the game, like the ones that allow you to create content in the game while playing with friends - ie. the ConstructorGun Mod used in the Assault gametype, similar to the one for UT3 but not nearly as sophisticated. But if you use it long enough, and use all it's functions you can create some very cool 'builds' as they're called.

My first awesome game concept was for a weapon modification mod, with a myriad of base parts that could be disassembled & reassembled in many different configurations to construct ten times the normal amount of weapons most games have by default.
I even attempted to enhance the mod for in game vehicle/ship construction but got stuck on the coding aspects, as it's been far too long since my early coding days.
Although a friend and I were working on a cool concept we dubbed as 'Active Objects', that would allow the spawning of objects in game(with a gun or handheld device) like useable doors, switches, force-fields etc. Basically just animated actors that a player could trigger specific animations by using the actor in different ways or locations around the actor depending on what it's intended function was.

OoPs! ASB! Another Small Book! ;)
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by Sezar1 » 09 Nov 2012, 05:49

Hello everyone,

Nice to see so many Descent lovers gathered here. My name is Samar, i currently work as a 3d Artist for a advertising firm here in Mumbai, India. Fluent in English, my past includes working with Exigent game design and Prana studios. I am skilled in modeling/texturing and carry experience in creating characters and environments for the Unreal engine. You can see my work gallery at -> I'll be contributing mainly with the art and design aspect of our project.

I found out about this project through and instantly volunteered when Maximilian mentioned there was the opportunity available. Descent was the first game i played after going though Doom 1 & 2. It was so addicting and fun i would just forget all about the objectives and simply cruised around everywhere. Easily the favorite moment personally was the half panic-half rush to escape after destroying the power cores. With the Unreal engine behind it i am sure there is a lot of epic moments that we can create. Loved the bit the Jordan said about Descent being the most engrossing gaming experience. The level to level feel of original descent is rarely matched by any game even today.

So can't wait to get started and dish out some work and I look forward to working with everyone here. :)

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Steam id : Sezar927
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