Great work btw!

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Great work btw!

Post by Wookie » 07 Nov 2015, 13:30

Hi Yall, just wanted to give some "whoop" "whoop" to the game itself as it is right now (r1/r2 build)

i feel like a kid in a candy store when i flew around the first time(2days ago).
i love it and i still cant quite cant believe it! it looks awesome!!
this has so much potential and it is already fantastic - i am really happy and proud in a sense to be a part of this!
Thank you!

big up!

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Re: Great work btw!

Post by MadMax1998 » 09 Nov 2015, 22:13

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Great work btw!

Post by Urungus » 10 Nov 2015, 06:37

I concur. The game loads quickly. Framerate is great. Everything looks, and sounds outstanding.

Honestly, Interplay should have sent you job applications.
We're going to need a bigger boat.

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Re: Great work btw!

Post by Dusty267 » 11 Nov 2015, 04:40

^ Interplay failed.

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