Unreal Engine 4 now FREE FOR ALL

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Re: Unreal Engine 4 now FREE FOR ALL

Post by 1DVD4D2UDK » 11 Jun 2015, 18:29

NUMBERZero wrote:Man, that is awesome. Can't say I didn't see it coming, given how popular and well loved the Unreal Engine has been. I might as well grab it even though I don't know the first thing of what to do with it :P
You might check into some of the oldskool mappers & modders in the epicgames
forums, as many of them have links in their sigs for tutorial content they've done
in the past - for a myriad of subjects ranging from coding to innovative mapping
techniques, normally for UE3/UDK content & I'm sure the new UE4 stuff is cooler.
1/2Hawk wrote:Holy moly - The 4.8 update has honestly the most ridiculously insanely long list of bug fixes and new features I've seen to date: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/IN ... index.html Guess it helps when you have hundreds of community people fixing stuff for you for free. Looking forward to trying out the new AI features in particular.
Awesome news! :D
& would be a refreshing break from dull, unimaginative NPC characters - where
you'd actually have to use some gray matter to outwit them, unlike a seemingly
hardcoded list of most regular AI enemies, siting too much repetitive interaction.

Where a true AI opponent should be context sensitive, giving each player mildly
different reactions - according to how they play, so each game is a bit harder to
play because each bot is storing statistics in a database of your reactive tactics! ☺

Heh, it might even be an interesting theme in a map - as an objective to locate
& destroy the bots AI database core, to be able to get a leg up on your enemy! :D
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