[listed] Shield decharge rate suggestion

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[listed] Shield decharge rate suggestion

Post by NUMBERZero » 06 Nov 2015, 22:27

Interesting mechanic having the shield decrease to 100 after collecting over the limit. It's a good idea, and I do kinda miss being able to collect all the way up to 200. Maybe in singeplayer or coop you can make it so that you can go ahead and collect up to 200 and keep it that way, idk.

I was thinking that the shield charge could decrease slower and slower as it finally gets down to 100. You know, like a... half parabola... you know what I mean. Math!

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Re: Shield decharge rate suggestion

Post by InVader » 07 Nov 2015, 01:19

Making the shield decrease function logarithmic is an interesting idea. I'd suggest lowering the rate only at around 110 or so.

As for the single player, I concur the shields must not decharge over time. In multiplayer it's okay because there are persistent shield spawn locations and the trick is to find an optimal way to traverse through the map, so you can pick a lot of the Shields (on Vertigo it's very easy to overcharge to 200).

The single player shouldn't have respawning powerups, therefore it also shouldn't have decharging Shield.. I'd be very happy if this game could preserve the Doom-style level design of the original Descent, with traps.

Speaking about decharge/overcharge, it would be nice to be able to overcharge the energy as well.

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Re: Shield decharge rate suggestion

Post by Ion » 07 Nov 2015, 23:58

I second this.
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