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Go here if you have questions about setting up Proving Grounds or trouble running it. DO NOT REPORT BUGS HERE.

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Before you post

Post by MadMax1998 » 15 Apr 2016, 19:55

Hello players.

If you encounter a problem with Proving Grounds that prevents you from enjoying it properly, don't hesitate to ask for help here. However, please make sure you follow these steps so we can help you as fast as possible:

1) Read the Proving Grounds Player's Manual and the game's README.TXT file (there is a shortcut in your start menu). There is a TROUBLESHOOTING appendix in the manual and the readme file has a copy of that too. Your problem might be described in there along with the solution.

2) Failing that, look for existing topics about the issue you have. You can add information to a topic if you need further assistance, or the topic might help you solve it.

3) Post a new topic if required and describe your problem in detail, including:

>>> your computer specs and operating system
>>> what input devices you use
>>> when the problem appeared and if you can repeat it
>>> what you have tried to fix it

We will try and be of quick assistance! Other players and former beta testers can help, too. Let's work together!
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