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Sol Contingency

Postby johntimber » 23 May 2018, 14:44


I know this is a forum for D1, 2, and 3 maps, but since SolC will try to be the definitive spiritual successor of Descent (in addition to the lack of a Sol Contingency forum) I will post this here. I'm a fairly rookie mapper who grew up with Descent as many of us here have. I decided a year ago that I wanted to try my hand at using UDK to build maps to try to become a mapper for the game. I'm still a ways away from getting any formal position since I'm still a rookie, but I wanted to share with the Descent community my maps that I'm working on. I have finished 3 maps, 2 of which majorly sucked. My most recent map, Polyclonal, got its fair share of praise and I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of the map via screenshots. Learning to MP map for SolC in UDK isn't that bad. I want to encourage you aspiring mappers to pick up the UDK and try mapping something out if you want. It's really rewards and there's a lot to learn. 1/2Hawk, Max and the rest of the team are very encouraging and will help out anyone who attempts this challenge. Let's click on 6DoF's afterburners to true modern gaming!
Unfortunately, my screenshots are too big to upload here, but you can take the link to my dropbox if you want to check out the pictures for yourselves. I hope to see you in the Sol Contingency Forums soon!

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